We are a tool for Reality TV Casting Producers to find people like you!

What We


Casties is a tool for Reality TV Casting Producers to easily find people like you! Reality TV shows are looking for non actor types. This is a simple way to be found or to dramatically increase your chances. Casties can increase your chances of becoming on a reality show, but this is all about you, who you are. Casties is a modern tool for Casting Producers to find all-types of personalities from around the US and put them on one page.


What To


It's easy and quick! You will first sign up by uploading a picture and filling out our questionnaire. Casties will review your information and you will either be approved or not. If approved you will pay $5 per month at $60 for a full year. You will fill out a more extensive bio, upload a few more photos, and BAM - you are ready to be discovered!  Remember to be as accurate as possible when describing yourself.  Casting Producers will have complete access to view your profile anytime, all the time, while you are an active member. Your name and contact information will be confidential and only granted to the casting producers upon your approval. Casties will contact you, when a producer is interested, and wants your information.   You will then approve with Casties that we can share your contact information with a particular producer/show.  You are the driver for your future.

It's All About


This is all about you. Be descriptive, be precise, be accurate. Casting reality for a reality television show opens a large diverse playing field. You never know what exactly a casting producer is looking for or not.  Maybe for one show they are looking for that shy, country, girl that is only 5 foot tall. Or for another show they are looking for a loud, obnoxious, 22 year old that lives in Omaha, NB. The casting producers will be filtering you out for specifics. Be you! 

Casties was developed by 3 reality casting professionals who came together to create an easy way for Casting Directors and Casting Producers to find new people to cast. Reality casting can be difficult when trying to find exactly the look, type, and personality that the Executive Producers/Creators of the show are looking for. We wanted to create a tool for casting director/producers (like us) that was easy to use. A simple approach, a filtering system that can constantly be updated.  Casties is a tool where Casting Directors/Producers meet reality contestants like you! We also offer information on casting calls and who to contact.


After years of experience in every area of reality tv we, the A-team are now collaborating and continually developing Casties to be a unique, edgy, and epic way to be found and seen. We are delivering a fantastic tool for members and casting people all over the U.S. Our mission is to help people of all types, all over the U.S., have an opportunity to be seen by Reality casting directors/producers. We do not specialize in casting actors.  We strive for casting reality tv exclusively.


Casties is an evolving product that will continue to draw our members closer to being on television. Casties also is constantly reaching out directly to casting producers/directors and advocates for our members. We want to see our members on television and will name drop and push for our members to be cast. We also aim to help casting producers/directors like us find amazing people like you to cast from all over.