Moms & Daughters for reality tv show

A fun and light-hearted series featuring lovable and memorable moms and daughters..



Is your mom/daughter your best friend in the whole world? Has anyone ever thought that your relationship is “extreme” or “unusual?” To say that you two are, “close” is a major understatement? Do you have the exact same tastes, interests, and hobbies as your mother or your daughter? Do you two literally do EVERYTHING together? Are you closer with your mom/daughter than friends/family members and sometimes even spouses/significant others? Are you at the center of one another’s worlds? Daughters MUST be at least 21 years old or older. PAID $$$ How to Apply If you answered, “yes” to any and all of these questions we want to hear from you! How to Apply To submit, please email: Names/Ages Location-City/State Full Contact Information Brief Bio Several recent photos of mom/daughter.


Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York, Dallas, Boston, and online submissions