Marriage Mentor In LA - "Fix That Deal"

It's time to pay it forward and help save a marriage



Has their been infidelity in your marriage? Are you trying to forgive but struggle with moving past it? Do you want to change but feel like you can't? Are you struggling with being honest? Are you afraid to love him or her again? Have you prayed for an answer but have yet to find it? Does this all seem too hopeless? Are you ready to walk away?  .....Do you believe that God can change anyone and anything???? As part of their ministry and hit web series Teddy and Tina Campbell of "10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina" will mentor and counsel one couple sharing the tools they used to save their own marriage. If you live in or near the LA area and are willing to get real and get help, on camera, please include the following and contact us today!


Los Angeles