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Well I’m very different from others I like being social and meeting new people and having fun I like networking and partying with other people. I have a great sense of humor and I can make anyone laugh and I feel like my personality is so cool and a lot of people like me because of that. I can bring many views to a tv show so I feel like I should be on tv and put more money in a producer pocket. I always wanted to make my family happy especially my mom and grandpa and Granny. Those are my favorite people that wants to see me win and being on tv will be the greatest opportunity for me. I have so many people depending on me so I’m hoping this can help me

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Age Range

18 - 25

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Hair Color



I like to travel have fun play basketball like to go party and like to make ideas of marketing and professional selling


I’m a great actor, comedian, and very creative/artistic

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