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In the last couple years I have become more in touch with my heritages and traditions and and have become an advocate for racial equality. I love helping out those in need and standing up for those that can’t or won’t stand up for for themselves. I also have a strong passion for fashion and makeup. I only just began doing makeup a couple years ago and have become very interested in strengthening my skills. I use my friends and roommates as models. Regarding fashion, I love to buy thrift clothes and take them apart to create something new and better. Most of my friends like to ask me for fashion advice. Another thing that is important to me is my faith. I am Roman Catholic and am a youth group leader and worship leader at my church.

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18 - 25

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I sing, write songs, dance, act, do henna tattoos, I make diy crafts and decorations, plan events, sew new clothes, and glitter things.


I do henna, I plan events, and perform.

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