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I moved to LA from Texas a month after I graduated high school. I raised the money myself by working throughout school with the work-study program. High school wasn’t the easiest. In a small, southern town people don’t agree with you if you decide not to go to college and get a regular 9-5 job for the rest of your life. My ASL teacher was the only person who supported me and made it possible for me to make it out of high school. Im able to communicate with an entirely different community because of my knowledge of sign language.
Even though it’ll probably be years from now before I get my shining moment, I don’t hesitate to keep pushing and stay focused on my dreams, even when it seems like I’ll never make them come true. I have 4 good people in my life right now who support me. I’ve never had that before and it sure is nice. Now I just try to live everyday like it’s my last and try to impact someone else’s life along the way. Im the weirdest, most original person you will ever meet.

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18 - 25

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I love writing poems, stories, screenplays, etc. I also enjoy directing and editing videos. During my free time I love playing basketball.


American Sign Language, writing, and Mario kart.

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