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So why make me unique? Well my dad first of all be had his ups and downs he was a drug addict he sontimes relapse but he drinks still. More about myself I do online school I know boring but I promise you im Not that’s boring once you get to know me I have three dogs they are a pain in a but I still love them anyways we are in the process of moving right now it was very stressful for my mom. I have a stister and a brother. My sister is in a relationship with this guy who cheated on her and had a baby and my sister takes care of the baby. My brother he isn’t just a ass. My mom is awesome she puts up with my dad when he gets drunk and breaks stuff. I think that’s all you need to know there isn’t WAY more on our family then what I just wrote. Until next time.

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10 - 17

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I don’t really know I like to go on my phone or talk


I like that I s sing but I’m not good at it
Having fun

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